Before the Session

Facilitator: In advance of the session

  • Have the Bible Background Video ready to view.
  • Review today’s scripture text and the session activities to help better facilitate the discussion.
  • Encourage your group to listen to the Faithelement podcast ahead of the next session (Share the link via email or social media)

Context (From the Mind Session Page)

Begin by asking:

  • One of the most common reasons people give for leaving their faith, is that they can’t imagine how a good God would allow the evil that happens in this world. When have you encountered this question or struggled with it?
  • What answers have you heard or given others?
  • In what ways have these explanations brought you comfort?
  • How can they sometimes do more harm to our faith than good?

Content (From the Current Session Page)

Read Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28, then watch the Bible Background Video.

Ask questions like these:

  • What most stands out to you about this story and why?
  • Why do you think that the story was told as it was, given as how it paints so many unflattering pictures?
  • Why are Joseph’s brothers significant enough to the story that they were named?
  • There is a lot of the Joseph story not told here, so what do you remember of it?
  • The video suggests that the larger story shows how God can take a very bad thing and use it for an ultimate good. How do you feel about that, as applied to this story, and why?
  • What other messages do you get from this story?

Closure (from the Media Session page)

Play a video about people or groups who are trapped and abandoned. Some possible choices:

  • Gilligan’s Island.
  • Jeremiah Johnson. Stop at 2:10 and beware one mild expletive.
  • Blazing Saddles. Stop at 2:06.
  • The Scorpion King. Stop at 2:36.
    Continue by asking:

  • In what ways do you most connect with the person or persons who are being abandoned in this video and why?

  • Joseph seems to have a lot of bad things happen to him, but he makes out all right. How have you experienced that in your life?
  • What would you tell someone who wondered where God was when bad things happen?
  • In relation to God, when have you felt sold into slavery or dropped in a well?
  • How about stranded on an uncharted desert island?
  • What do you do when there seems like nothing you can do?
  • How might you help someone struggling “in the meantime” of life like a divorce, loss of family member, loss of job, education dream shattered, and/or relationship dreams shattered?

Close in prayer.

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