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 What is Faithelement?

For us, it’s personal


For too long, Bible study materials have been a mostly impersonal thing. Content is assigned months or even years in advance, writers are trained to be extra-careful in their writing, and even more-careful editors rework the writing until it’s, well, really bland. And then there’s the state of teaching prevalent in so many groups, with too much lecturing and too little real conversation. After all, when adults and youth arrive for Bible study, they bring with them a rich collection of memories, insights, and experiences. All of those are the “stuff” in which learning happens, connections are made, and faith grows. For us, it’s personal. The Scriptures present us with stories of faith with people, like us, who are imperfect and doing our best to stay connected to God while finding our way in a crazy world. God gets personal to the point of becoming one of us, with us, in the person of Jesus Christ.

So we wondered what a Bible resource might look like that’s highly personal. One where you get to know the people creating it, and where we listen to you, too. One where the ideas of writers and podcasters aren’t overly filtered. One where the focus is on the gathered group — helping them encounter a Bible that’s full of challenge, energy, and mystery. One where participants are encouraged to grow through honest conversations that arise from really listening to the text.

Faithelement has been around since 2008.

Our motivation has always been to provide a resource that:

  1. Understands that people learn in different ways
  2. Helps groups enjoy more variety in the way they approach sessions
  3. Provides an approach that was more about encouraging discussion and exploration
  4. Takes seriously biblical scholarship and tough questions about the scriptures and interpretation
  5. Goes beyond print material to use wisely other forms of media (audio, video, info on the internet, etc.)
  6. Offers rapid development — with content that’s less edited and written really close to the date of use, ensuring freshness and relevance.

6 + 6 =

Faithelement session guides come in several flavors: 

for groups that enjoy lively discussion.
for groups that enjoy exploring current events, trends, and media.
for youth groups, incorporating activities, questions designed to get teens talking, and links to other media designed to engage teens.

Conversations (NEW!)

Continue the conversation from our podcast with your group!

For groups that enjoy using movie clips, music and other media to help spark discussion.

our editors select from the other session guides to form a diverse mix of teaching ideas for the session. Our session Scriptures are selected from the Lectionary texts, and session content is created close to the date of use, allowing our content to arrive fresh and current. Premium subscribers gain access to content 2 weeks ahead of a given Sunday, while Starter users get access the week of use. We hope you and your group will join us on this journey of faith. We don’t have all the answers, but we sincerely believe that together, we can grow in faith and hear God’s call and purpose more clearly.

How can I use it? 

Faithelement is an online Bible study curriculum that is more group-oriented than leader-centered. We offer a collection of “session pages” that are yours to choose among. They include these flavors: Media, Mind, Conversations, Current and Youth. Each has its own way of helping your group gather around the text of the day. Some groups choose one approach and stick with it across time, gathering together persons who also enjoy that approach (for example, podcast-focused groups might choose Conversations and use it consistently). Others move around through the options, using Media one week, Mind another, then Current the following week. Still others choose elements from across the session pages to build their own session approach (we make that easy with our Mix session). We realize that one size doesn’t fit everyone, and that variety is a good thing!

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