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9.27 Who is Tested?

Who is Tested? For the session to be discussed on July 2, 2017 Genesis 22:1-14 One of the most difficult texts in scripture is the story of the binding of Issac. How are we to interpret a text that deals with something as horrifying as child sacrifice? Why is this...

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9.26 God Sees

God Sees For the session to be discussed on June 25, 2017 Genesis 21:8-21 In today’s story we see see Abraham and Sarah perform a heinous act. This story does not appear in scripture to make what they did seem okay, but rather, it is in scripture to show us how God...

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9.25 This is No Joke

This is No Joke For the session to be discussed on June 18, 2017 Genesis 18:1-15 When elderlyAbraham and Sarah hear they are to have a child, Sarah reacts with understandable laughter. Where in our lives do we find God doing things that go beyond our expectations? How...

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9.24 Be Humble

Be Humble For the session to be discussed on June 11, 2017 Psalm 8 Who are we that God is mindful of us? How is wonder a part of our faith experience? We discuss the value of being humble and still in the presence of God's care for us. Rabbi Seth Oppenheimer adds to...

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9.23 Water, Water, Everywhere

Water, Water, Everywhere For the session to be discussed on June 4, 2017 John 7:37-39 This session is for Pentecost Sunday, which usually has us reading from Acts and discussing flames and wind. But today's text focuses on water. How might water reflect the work or...

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9.22 Unity in Community

Unity in Community For the session to be discussed on May 28, 2017 John 17:1-11 What does it mean to talk about unity, considering our many differences? How does a Christian community, full of diversity and varying ideas, find unity? As tough as it seems, Jesus calls...

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9.21 The Unknown God

The Unknown God For the session to be discussed on May 21, 2017 Acts 17:21-33 After all the centuries, the theologians and the philosophers, what do we know about God? After living in the community of faith, reading the scriptures, walking with God through good and...

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9.20 Killing Stephen

Killing Stephen For the session to be discussed on May 14, 2017 Acts 7:55-60 The passage where Stephen is stoned by the community is a hard story to hear. Often we focus on the seemingly serene composure of Stephen, but what if we look instead for ourselves in that...

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9.19 Our Faith Communities

Our Faith Communities For the session to be discussed on May 7, 2017 Acts 2:42-47 What does it mean to live in Christian community? How do our individualistic "ears" hear this more communal-sounding passage? We look at the ways this passage challenges our ideas about...

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9.18 Thanksgiving and Service

Thanksgiving and Service For the session to be discussed on April 30, 2017 Psalm 116:1-4, 12-19 Have we lost the ability to share the stories of faith in our lives? How have more manipulative expressions of testimony sometimes discouraged us from genuine witness and...

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9.17 Sheol and the Pit

Sheol and the Pit For the session to be discussed on April 23, 2017 Psalm 16 It's our 100th episode! For this special edition of the podcast, we take a look at a Psalm that calls us to fidelity with God — to a steadfast way of worship and service and love that seeks...

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9.16 Grace Abounds

Grace Abounds For the session to be discussed on April 16, 2017 Jeremiah 31:1-6 For this Easter session text, we discover we are in... Jeremiah! Why would we be in Jeremiah for Easter? We discuss the resurrection theme that is offered not only in this Old Testament...

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