How Are You Running?

For the session to be discussed on August 14, 2016
Hebrews 11:29-12:2

When the writer of Hebrews talks of “running with perseverance the race” of faith, is the emphasis on finishing the race or on how we are called to run it? On this episode, we continue the discussion on living faithfully and recall how the “great cloud of witnesses” surrounds us, cheering us on as we run the race.
On this Podcast:
David Cassady
Daniel Glaze
Nikki Hardeman
Bert Montgomery

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  • Bert mentions the classic words by Paul (McCartney, that is) in his song Let it Be.
  • Daniel references a great video of a question posed to famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson by a young girl.
  • Bert talks about a mystical experience he had with a church, and in doing so, invokes the late, great, Rev. Will D. Campbell.
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