Public Confessions

For the session to be discussed on August 23, 2015
1 Kings 8:1-61

The text leads to a discussion of Solomon’s boldness in the prayer and even some of the injustices involved in how the temple was built.We also talk about the power of memories — remembering times when we experienced the presence of God. Finally, we discuss the power and limits of the spaces we tend to build for worship.

(Note: a severe thunderstorm was passing over Columbus, Georgia while Erin was recording the podcast. The background noise at certain points in her conversation is from the heavy rain — we edited out the thunder claps! We are grateful Erin was safe and dry through the storm).

On this Podcast:

Featured Guest: Erin Robinson Hall
David Cassady
Daniel Glaze
Bert Montgomery

Nikki Hardeman was away for this podcast, but will return soon!

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