What If?

For the session to be discussed on October 15, 2023
Matthew 22:1-14

David Cassady
Nikki Hardeman
Crystal Shepherd
Daniel Glaze

The parable of the wedding feast begins with a king inviting guests to a wedding banquet. These honored guests do not come. The king sends servant after servant who is rejected, treated horribly, and some are killed. This enrages the king who sends troops into the city to kill the murderers and burn the city to the ground, all while making sure the food stays warm at the wedding banquet. He then has anyone and everyone, the good, the bad, the ugly, invited to the banquet. But then we learn of a person that doesn’t have on the correct garment who is thrown out and punished. In this episode we discuss both the traditional and some non-traditional interpretations of this challenging parable.

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