12.15 Resurrection Hope in a Pandemic World

For the session to be discussed on April 12, 2020
Colossians 3:1-11

David Cassady
Nikki Hardeman
Bert Montgomery
Crystal Shepherd

It is Easter and we are discussing a text from Colossians. In the text, we find a call to focus on the risen Christ and to center our lives on him. How do we find and live into Easter during a pandemic?

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  • Bert mentioned a prayer by Brian McLaren for use while washing hands:
    • God of healing and well-being,
      As I wash my hands I ask you
      To cleanse me of other invisible viruses
      Of the soul:
      Fear, hate, pride, greed, lust, hostility,
      Supremacy, superiority, selfish interest,
      And all constriction of the heart.
      As I join billions of others in this practice,
      Help me feel how deeply we are all connected
      And equally, infinitely loved by you.
      — Brian D. McLaren

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