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Selected passages from the Revised Common Lectionary


July 12-July 26 — Mind-Stretching Matters

July 12 – Ephesians 1:1-14
Paul leaks a mysterious secret, and it boggles the mind.

July 19 – Ephesians 2:1-22
Grace, faith, and reconciliation: what’s not to like?

July 26 – Ephesians 3:14-21
God’s riches are above understanding – but not beyond imagining.

Aug. 2-Aug. 23 — The Trouble with Kings

Aug. 2 – 2 Samuel 11:26-12:13a
Nathan sets a trap for a royal miscreant, and bags his prey.

Aug. 9 – 2 Samuel 18:1-33
Sin happens, trouble follows, and no one is immune.

Aug. 16 – 1 Kings 2:1-3:15
Solomon’s prayer for wisdom was badly needed.

Aug. 23 – 1 Kings 8:1-61
A dedication prayer designed for people who weren’t there

Aug. 30-Sept. 27 — Serious Church

Aug. 30 – James 1:17-27
“Religion” doesn’t sound so unsavory when it’s done right.

Sept. 6 – James 2:1-26
Faith understands that mercy triumphs over judgment.

Sept. 13 – James 3:1-12
James unleashes a tongue-lashing about tongue-taming.

Sept. 20 – James 3:13-4:10
Wise believers understand that selfishness is a dead end.

Sept. 27 – James 5:13-20
The true power of prayer goes deeper than the surface.

Oct. 4-Oct. 25 — Following Jesus on Hwy. 10

Oct. 4 – Mark 10:1-16
Jesus speaks about marriage, adultery, and children.

Oct. 11 – Mark 10:17-31
Wealth and discipleship can make for a difficult combination.

Oct. 18 – Mark 10:32-45
When cherished notions are turned upside down and inside out

Oct. 25 – Mark 10:46-52
Jesus’ question to a blind man sparks helpful introspection.

Nov. 1-Nov. 22 — A Time for Gratitude

Nov. 1 – Ruth 1:1-2:23
The book of Ruth is really about Naomi, who should be grateful.

Nov. 8 – Ruth 3:1-4:21
Naomi’s scheme was risky, but Ruth made it work.

Nov. 15 – 1 Samuel 1:1-28
A painful prayer, a baby boy, a promise kept

Nov. 22 – 2 Samuel 23:1-7
Not really David’s last words, but maybe the last happy ones

Season of Advent

Nov. 29-Dec. 20 — Hope Waits

Nov. 29 – 1 Thessalonians 3:6-13
A reunion with friends is a foretaste of future things.

Dec. 6 – Luke 1:68-79
When a mute man speaks, it’s good to listen.

Dec. 13 – Zephaniah 3:14-20
Patience pays: long waits do come to an end.

Dec. 20 – Micah 5:2-5a
Big things can come from small towns.

Season of Christmas

Dec. 27 – 1 Samuel 2:18-26
Good growth can happen, even in bad company.

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