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Two ways to enjoy Faithelement

Faithelement offers both a Starter (free) and Premium (subscription) version of our innovative curriculum.

Faithelement is a Bible study curriculum for youth and adults that uses multiple forms of media — video, music, text, images — to help groups explore faith and the scriptures.

Everything is online. You can use the materials directly from your web browser (on your computer, tablet or smartphone), or grab a PDF of your favorite session guide for printing.

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Starter Edition

This free edition includes access to our weekly podcast (see below), along with an excerpt from the Bible Background Video featuring Nikki Hardeman. The Starter Edition also provides the “Mix” session guide, which offers a selected set of activities and teaching prompts drawn from the five session guides included in the full membership. It’s a great way to get a taste of the Faithelement approach.

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Premium Membership

Premium Members pay just $15 per month per group (multiple teachers in a single group/class can share a login). In addition to providing access to our weekly podcast, the Premium Membership includes access to the complete Bible Background Video and a set of 6 “Session Guides” from which you can choose an approach (or combine them) for leading your group. These are available two weeks in advance for members.

The session guides come in 6 flavors:

Mind — for groups that enjoy lively discussion.

Media — for groups that enjoy using movie clips, music and other media to help spark discussion.

Mystic — for groups that prefer a contemplative approach.

Current — for groups that enjoy exploring current events, trends and media.

Youth — for youth groups, incorporating activities, questions designed to get teens talking, and links to other media designed to engage teens.

Mix — our editors select options from the other session guides to form a diverse mix of teaching ideas for the session.

Our session scriptures are selected from the Lectionary texts, and session content is created close to the date of use, allowing our content to arrive fresh and current. Premium subscribers gain access to content 2 weeks ahead of a given Sunday, while Starter users get access a few days before the Sunday of use.

View Sample Premium Session.

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Faithelement Podcast

Both the Starter and Member versions enjoy access to the Faithelement podcast. Join Nikki, David, Bert, and Daniel (and guests) for lively and personal conversations around the week’s text. Listen as they share stories, observations, and experiences from a creative collection of personalities. The podcast is a great (and more engaging) replacement for old-fashioned “quarterlies” as it is a great way for group members and leaders to start thinking about the session ahead of Sunday. Listen on this website or subscribe using your favorite mobile app. Learn More.

No long term commitment required, so you can cancel anytime. Your support helps us offer additional resources!

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Pay with Check?

Can your or your church pay with a check? Yes! Just contact us and request to pay via check. Be sure to include the email address where you wish the invoice to be emailed. Check payment is available if paid in advance for 6 month or 12 month amounts, and are automatically renewing until you request for them to stop (we will send a new invoice automatically for each new term).

May I subscribe from outside the USA?

Yes! Faithlab is completely online, and we welcome subscribers from all over the world.

Do you offer a discount for multiple subscriptions?

Yes! If you need 4 or more subscriptions at your church, please contact us for a discount (before signing up — we will supply you with a special link for your groups to signup).

Is there a long-term commitment?

Nope. Our subscriptions are monthly, so you can cancel at any time. (But we hope you’ll like what we offer and stick around!)

Can multiple teachers in a group share a subscription??
As long as they all teach the same group/class, yes!

If you need 4 or more subscriptions in your church, contact us and ask for a group discount.

Can our subscriptions be linked and all charged at once?

Yes, as long as you have 4 or more subscriptions. Contact us for details.

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