Before the Session

Facilitator: In advance of the session

  • Have the Bible Background Video ready to view.
  • Review today’s scripture text and the session activities to help better facilitate the discussion.
  • Encourage your group to listen to the Faithelement podcast ahead of the next session (Share the link via email or social media)

Context (From the Current Session Page)

Show the Old Spice Commercials and ask:

  • What is your first impression of this commercial campaign and why?
  • To what degree do you think the commercials make the product seem desirable and why?
  • What did the changing themes contribute to or detract from the way you felt about these commercials and the product they are selling?
  • What are some other things going on in our society where the message keeps changing?
  • In what ways do you think this commercial relates to the way we understand faith and why?

Content (From the Mind Session Page)

Read 2 Timothy 3:14 – 4:5, then watch the Bible Background Video.


Then ask questions like these:

  • What do you think that the writer’s message in this passage is, as it regards trying new things?
  • How do you interpret verses 15-17, understanding that the writings that we hold to be “Scripture” were not selected as such until many hundreds of years after it was written, and that the writings to which the early Church had access contained many works that have been lost or deliberately left out over the centuries?
  • In what way are the scriptures we have to be used, and what fruit should they produce in a believer’s actions?
  • In what way are the instructions in 4:2 intended to people who are not professional evangelists?
  • What do you think it means to be prepared to preach “in season and out of season?”
  • For what reasons do you think people were turning away from the hard truths of the Gospel at such an early time?
  • In what way might the things that are encouraged in 4:5 make a difference in helping people avoid false teachings?

Closure (from the Media Session page)

Play John Wimbler’s Stuff video and ask:

  • Why do you think do we study the Bible and conduct other religious activities each week?
  • How do you feel about John Wimbler’s observations about the Church in this video and why?
  • In what ways do his experiences reflect or contradict yours?
  • When do we get to do “the stuff?”

Close in prayer.

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