In the Wilderness

For the session to be discussed on February 28, 2016
Psalm 63

What did it mean for the psalmist to be in a literal wilderness? What does wilderness look like to us, and how do “wilderness experiences” shape our faith?

On this Podcast:

David Cassady
Daniel Glaze
Bert Montgomery
Nikki Hardeman

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  • Nikki references a David Wilcox song, That’s what the Lonely is For.
  • Bert mentions a classic devotional book that, among other things, encourages us to embrace the wilderness, learn from it, and ultimately find peace. Thomas Kelly, A Testament of Devotion.
  • When we can’t pray (perhaps because of a wilderness experience), sometimes it helps to pray the Lord’s Prayer or even pray the Psalms. Here’s a resource to help us do that: Thomas Merton’s Praying the Psalms.
  • Bert mentions Frederick Buechner’s description of the Apostle Paul (9th paragraph)

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