Hannah’s Anchor

For the session to be discussed on November 15, 2015
1 Samuel 1:1-28

In this episode we encounter the story of Hannah as she is tormented in many ways because she does not have a child. We discuss the treatment of childless women in ancient Israel, as well as in modern times. The pain and trauma of infertility is explored, and we look at the role one’s faith and congregations can play in coping with such grief. We are reminded of how God uses the shunned and powerless to do great things.

On this Podcast:

Featured Guest: Erin Robinson Hall
David Cassady
Nikki Hardeman
Bert Montgomery

Daniel Glaze was away for this podcast, but will return soon!

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Show Notes:

Erin references Project Pomegranate — an organization that provides non-directive spiritual resources to support those who have experienced infertility, pregnancy loss, or infant death, and to engender this support in their faith communities.

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