Who is Your Nathan?

For the session to be discussed on August 2, 2015
2 Samuel 11:26-12:15a

We discuss King David’s indiscretion, wonder how a negative story about a favorite king survived to be included in the scriptures, and discuss how cool it is that real humans (with gifts and failings) show up in the scriptures. Nikki shares her reaction to her 8 year old wanting to read the entire Bible from the beginning, and Bert sees similarities in the Godfather films.

On this Podcast:

Nikki Hardeman
David Cassady
Daniel Glaze
Bert Montgomery

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Mentioned in the podcast:

Nikki mentions Psalm 51, where David repents for his deeds.

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Bert discusses the Godfather films in connection with the narrative

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David references lyrics from Kyle Matthews song: We Fall Down

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