Social Media Prompts

In the days leading up to your group gathering around this session, feel free to copy and paste (and edit, if you wish) these prompts and get them in front of your group using email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever method works best for your group.

The goal of the prompts is to encourage persons to begin engaging with the theme of the session, and to begin to discover its relevance in their lives.

Suggested Prompts

Use some or all of these, or edit them, or create your own.

  • God’s love is bigger than we can imagine. What else is bigger than we can imagine?
  • Take a photo of something common that helps us see it in a new way.
  • Why do our perspectives on things seem to get “stuck?”
  • Remember someone who has shown you surprising love. Send them a note saying thanks.
  • Who in your life needs an unexpected expression of love from you?

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